I’m a freelance science journalist with an MSc in Biology writing about all things alive, ideally from the field sites, labs and meetings where science is really happening.

My articles have been published in a wide range of international publications including New Scientist, Scientific American, Wired, Quanta and The Scientist, national newspapers such as De Standaard, De Morgen and De Volkskrant, on the crowd-funded news website De Correspondent, and in popular science magazines such as EOS.

In 2009, I traveled to Beijing, China, to write about medical tourism in general and the controversial doctor Huang Hongyun’s questionable practices in particular.

In 2011, I’ve spent six weeks in India to investigate to what extent the country had itself to blame for the controversy surrounding the antibiotic resistance gene NDM-1.

In April 2013, I visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong for a story on the search for dangerous avian flu viruses that unexpectedly landed me in the middle of the H7N9 conundrum.

I then traveled to Borneo to investigate Europe’s role in the destruction of the island’s forests and the surprising pragmatism of conservationists there.

In the summer of 2014, I made a summer series on the impacts of climate change for Belgian newspaper De Standaard, and a story on conservation for New Scientist.

In 2015, a new feature story for New Scientist, ‘Damsels in Control’, explored why female animals may behave in ways biology traditionally does not expect them to.

My latest feature stories have explored the threat of fungal disease, the amazing feat of bird migration, the many mothers of invention and the origin of asymmetry.

In early 2017, I spent two months in South-East-Africa to investigate the impact of large-scale carbon-fixing tree-planting projects on the grasslands and savannahs and the people who depend on them.



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